3D Digitisation

Photogrammetry allows to create a three-dimensional representation of one or more artifacts from two-dimensional images. Compared to other acquisition techniques, digital photogrammetry is very flexible, thanks to the small-sized cameras involved in the process and the possibility to adapt the data acquisition stage to the characteristics of the object (size, location, light exposure contingencies, etc.). Moreover, digital photogrammetry allows an extremely detailed and realistic rendering of the object thanks to the creation and optimization phase of the 3D model (meshing, texturing, normal maps, surveys). For these reasons, the use of 3D photogrammetry scanning is becoming more and more systematic in research, valorisation and protection of cultural heritage.

Artifact Imaging provides a fast, efficient and highly scientific 3D photogrammetric digitization service of material cultural heritage, through the development of on-site scanning protocols suited to your needs.